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Welcome to a site for patients by patients. Epoman started ihatedialysis.com to stop having his posts censored or deleted by corporate run or sponsored dialysis sites. He created this site so others could have a voice on the internet free from censorship. Do not let the sites name fool you, we are not about being negative, we just hate dialysis. We are a community that is very supportive of each other and we help new patients and veterans of this disease cope with the daily struggles of living with kidney disease. If you are affected by kidney disease you are welcome here, that includes all types of dialysis Hemo, PD, Home, or maybe you will soon be starting dialysis. If you are a spouse, relative, friend, or a loved one you are also welcomed here. Also if you work in the dialysis field you too are welcome here on this site. So come to our forums and have a look, we are the largest and most active dialysis message board on the Internet. Before you check out the forums have a look around our home page and see all the things we have to offer. See you in the forums.

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