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Site News - April 2016:

April Is National Donate Life Month

Register as an organ donor to help others this month. Tissues from the body can often help other people extend their lives. Kidney donation touches lives here at Ihatedialysis.com

National Blue and Green Day April 15, 2016

You are encouraged to wear blue and green and spread awareness of how important becoming a donor is.

Donatelife.net has more information on activities going on nationwide.

Annual Get Together Survey Planning stages have started for the October 2016 Annual Get Together. We are thinking of moving it to central United States next year. Check the forums under Las Vegas A Vision Come True topic under Introductions section (you must be a member of the forums to see this.)

Epoman, who passed away in March 2007, designed ihatedialysis.com because he was sick and tired of his posts and discussions on other kidney dialysis websites from being censored and/or deleted by corporate run or corporate sponsored sites. He created ihatedialysis.com so others could have a voice on the internet free from censorship.

His family continues to support the site in memory of him. A staff of dedicated volunteers maintain the forums.

Do not let the 'ihatedialysis' site name fool you,
we are not about being negative, we just hate dialysis.

Everyone is welcome here. We are a community that is very supportive of each other. We help new patients and veterans of this disease cope with the daily struggles of living with kidney disease. Anyone who is affected by kidney disease is welcome here. This includes all types of dialysis treatments, Hemo, PD, Home; starting dialysis or a long term dialysis patient; or a spouse, relative, friend, a loved one of a kidney disease patient. If you work in the dialysis field you are welcome also to share your experiences here on this site.

Join our forums and have a look. We are the largest and most active dialysis message board on the Internet. Before you check out the forums have a look around our home page and see all the things we have to offer.


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