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Don't pay some website $600+ just to help you find a kidney! Do it here for FREE!


Attention dialysis patients and those donors willing to donate a kidney to a complete stranger.  Dialysis & Transplant City is offering free live donor registration on this board.  Potential live donors can post for free and patients who are advertising for a donor can post here, for free.  You shouldn't have to pay $600 or more to post an ad. I think it's a shame for anyone to ask you for money.

We can get a grass roots effort, here, to put live donors and dialysis patients together, without hitting anyone in the pocketbook.  What I'm asking of our members is to spread the word about our newest service, which is free.  This site will never ask a patient for one red cent. 

Spread the word and get as many patients as you can to come to this site and post ads for donors.  It will take time for this service to take off, but the more people post ads, the more atttention the site will get.  If you are wondering if this site is picked up by search engines, just type in "dialysisjoe" or "dialysis & transplant city" and you will see multiple hits.  It is a well known site and it can become better known, drawing potential donors, with no cost to patients.  Frankly, there is no reason why patient's should have to pay for such a service on the internet, other than putting money in someone's pocket. 

Joe Atkins, Managing Editor, Dialysis & Transplant City

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